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Karismedica is now a company of H.M.G. – HABITARE Group

Karismedica-Hospital-Equipment is a market leader specialised in the supply of: turnkey equipment (Karismedica Arredi), medicine distribution trolleys (Karrel & Aurion), operating blocks, sterile chambers and intensive care units (Omas).

All this makes Karismedica the ideal partner for hospitals as a new and sole interlocutor for many answers in regard to the supply of one or more specific products, as well as the commissioning of a ward or an entire “turnkey” facility.

This is the reason why it relies on beauty (from the Greek word Kàris, which also means “beautiful thing”), proposition, flexibility, enormous productive capacity, logistics and the guarantee of providing immediate answers to the client, in regard to the supply of one or more specific products, as well as the commissioning of a ward or an entire “turnkey” facility.

Born from the merger of four important companies in this field – KARREL, trolley producer, CLA HOSPITAL & HARMONIE specialised in Hospital Equipment and RSA , OMAS, provider of operating theatres ready for use, KARISMEDICA is specialised in the supply of integrated services and products connected to the world of health care and medical products.

With a head office in Gattatico (RE) and a branch in Oderzo (TV)Karismedica offers an all-round personalised service thanks to thirty years of experience and the multi-sector know-how of its three divisions.





KARISMEDICA Equipment Division specialises in the design, turnkey supply and installation of hospital equipment.

A team formed by health operators and hospital personnel, engineers, architects and designers, all with specific technical competencies and experience, combined with constant research in technology and innovation, make it possible for Karismedica to go beyond the equipment it produces and be an assistant in its design, by suggesting solutions to obtain the best cost- benefit ratio to create complete environments ready for immediate use.

Karismedica, with a specific and scientific knowledge of the problems faced by hospitals, residences and nursing homes every day, has found a way to overcome them, making the environment more human, more beautiful and more efficient.

A more beautiful environment does not necessarily entail higher costs. Instead, it requires more attention to details, in order to improve the quality of life of patients and their stay in the facility.


In compliance with the provisions provided by the Ministry of Health on health advertising relating to medical devices, medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices, please note that the contents of this web site are reserved exclusively for physicians, pharmacists and other health and retailers of healthcare products. Such content (text, images and movies), when related to the principals of the above, does not have advertising, but are only informational for customers and potential customers.

This website contains information on products which is targeted to a wide range of audiences and could contain product details or information otherwise not accessible or valid in your country. Please be aware that we do not take any responsibility for accessing such information which may not comply with the the legal system of your country of origin.


The focus is on the patient, in the conviction that their stay will be better if the environment is beautiful as well as efficient. This philosophy is at the base of the new concept of health care facility designed by Karismedica.

Design, efficiency and cosiness for a health care facility regarded as a place for healing, not illness.

Through new furnishing solutions, high technology medical equipment, we give the site a new face by using technology as the study of all that is used for producing goods and services, which are useful to improve patients’ quality of life and the performance of health care operators.


The solutions we apply lead to a humanization of the environments, without neglecting the technical, maintenance or hygienic and health-related aspects.

The Materials

The equipment is made with certified quality materials, in compliance with the current standards in force, ergonomically designed, with smooth surfaces and rounded corners, so that everything may be easily reached by touch.

Chromatic solutions

The chromatic solutions used for the equipment are designed to valorise the environment as a factor that affects human beings psychically and physiologically.

 The Finishes

Surface finishes that allow for easy and effective cleaning and sanitation, in compliance with the current protocols.

Our purpose is to give hospital facilities a more “human” face with no extra cost for the organisation. That which is “beautiful” is not always more expensive!

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